Hans de Munter from Neuroplast calls to ask whether I would like to participate at the EURON congress in Maastricht. He has some ideas regarding the what and how. I will be contacted by Hanna Schenck regarding the details. Something new, so I agree.

The European Graduate School of Neuroscience (EURON) is a Graduate School consisting of institutes and departments of seven universities in Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

EURON forms a multidisciplinary and complementary network with a perfect background to educate and train PhD students in the field of basic and translational neuroscience.

The annual EURON PhD-Days is the ultimate international platform for students to present their work and forms an excellent networking opportunity. And as I always stress the importance of networking, I am all in for this opportunity.

Hanna visits me here at home in Banholt. The idea is to create an interview setting during which I will elaborate on my spinal cord injury. Hanna prepared some questions which makes it easy to develop a story during which we enable the audience to ask questions.
I like the way it is set up. Plenty of room to interact with the audience.

Annual Meeting
Thursday morning January 26 the weather conditions are bad. Snow and ice rain here in the Dutch Alpes make it impossible for me to get to Maastricht. I contact Hanna and her team to discuss alternatives. We will have a ZOOM meeting. A quick check shows things should work, no worries whatsoever.
Ofcourse I would have preferred to be actually present. Now I join the meeting on the big screen. Hanna starts the interview and I answer her questions as well as the questions of the audience. Half an hour passes very easy and quickly.

The next day I contact Hanna. She was very happy with how things went. The audience had provided positive feedback regarding the interview. Everyone happy.

For me it was a nice opportunity to help Hans and Neuroplast conveying their message and goals to help spinal cord injury patients. And for the EURON PhD students an opportunity to hear how patients think about innovations in the treatment process regarding spinal cord injuries.




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