We started a new Project: ALL4RT the Apprentice Living Lab for Rehabilitation Technologies at Adelante.

In this program Zuyd University for Applied Sciences collaborates with Adelante Rehabilitation Center. Health Care professionals from Adelante will collaborate with students and scientists in order to discover and explore possibilities regarding the needs from people during and after the rehabilitation program.  We also will enable Companies to participate with their technologies.

Update November 2022
Companies were contacted to explore possibilities at the living lab. During the coming months we will extend the amount of projects. The emphasis is put on Virtual Reality, 3-D printing and arm-hand technology.

Update March 2022
Adelante and Zuyd had several meetings and signed the agreement to initiate the ALL4RT Living Lab environment. An ID card is under construction in order to visualize the Mission, Vision and Ambition of this program.

Update January 2022
Renee van den Heuvel from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences has been added to the team. Her expertise in setting up programs around new technologies is a valuable asset.

Update Oktober 2021
Luca Houben, Zuyd student, started his master and will work in this program to make an inventory of the needs and possibilities to connect both institutes. The goal is to connect health care professionals from Adelante to Zuyd students and create innovative projects.

Update June 2021
The boards of the institutes mentioned started meetings in order to realize goals set. More to come by september.


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