Innovation and Implementation accelerator for Complex Rehabilitation Technology.
The i2-CoRT program brings together knowledge & experience of rehabilitation centres, knowledge centres, SME businesses, healthcare sector organizations and patients in order to promote and accelerate innovative rehabilitation technology implementation.

Update May 2021
The i2-CoRT project has come to an end. The Closing Symposium was a great succes and more important Interreg was very pleased with the results and outcome. The Teams in the different locations, Liège-Hasselt-Aachen-Hoensbroek, did a great job. It was a joy to be part of this successful program.

Update January 2021
It has been a while since the last update. Corona also has its effect on the activities in the test centre in Adelante. We could not have groups of people attending sessions and could not organise larger meetings. Here too TEAMS was the solution to stay in touch. We finalized the SOPs regarding Serious Adverse Events handling and the proces to CE Mark. We now await the approval of work package responsible for the SOP library.
Students from Zuyd Hogeschool finalized several projects regarding Virtual Reality.
In April we will have our final Symposium and we are looking forward to present the results.

Update September 2020
The i2-CoRT center is accessible for students now. They hired Luca Houben and he will ensure activities are coordinated while Covid-19 requirements are met. For both the 3D print project as well as the Virtualizer medical engineer project students have been assigned who will work on the projects full time.
Two groups of students started in september to explore possibilities with Virtual reality in both the Zero-G as well as the Virtualizer project. And in february 2021 fysiotherapy students will investigate safe access possibilities regarding the Virtualizer.

Update June 2020
We are heading for the next phase in the program. Companies used the website guidelines to make themselves noticeable to the i2-CoRT center. The selection process will start soon ensuring companies can start using the facilities to further develop their innovative product.

Update December 2019
On Dec 10 Adelante organized the Bijzondere Bijzonder Meeting during which innovative products and ideas were presented. This annual meeting took place in the i2-CoRT test center and provided health care professionals an opportunity to see the latest activities around rehabilitation technology.
MZIC students presented the rehab training possibilities with the Virtualizer which led to enthusiastic response. The program will be extended in 2020 and possibilities to detect movement for patients with an impartial spinal cord injury will be investigated. We will also observe whether virtual reality will enhance the execution of the exercise.

Update June 2019:
More and more students find their way to the i2-CoRT offices at Adelante. Supported bij EIZT they assist in projects. We want to make it a lively environment were people stimulate each other to answer questions and offer solutions regarding innovation in rehabilitation devices.

Processes are put in place. Guidelines provide a pathway in order to deliver what’s next.

Update November 2018:
On September 10 and October 11 we had meetings with the members of the WorkPackages (WP). Activities were aligned and where applicable WP-groups could work together to achieve results aimed for. Again fruitful meetings.
The i2-CoRT facilities at Adelante are open for potential users. Together we will create a longlist of potential users resulting in a short list of companies to be contacted.

Update June 2018:
The i2-CoRT project started as per May 1, 2018 and I am a team member working out of the EIZT offices from Zuyd Hogeschool in Heerlen.
We had the first Project Team Meeting on May 24, 2018. It was a fruitful meeting which resulted in a follow-up meeting on June 26.
At the EIZT offices groups discussed the action steps and it was agreed upon to follow-up on these action steps in september (date to be set).


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