It’s Sunday morning, a lazy Sunday morning. It rains. It’s cold.

We skipped the support of the nurse today. I wanted to go thru the morning schedule all by myself. Get out of bed into the device which is called ‘Sta-Tafel’. It supports me getting in an upright position and stand for about 30 minutes. This exercise is good for the axial pressure on my leg bones, hence the bone density.
Pascalle brings a cup of great smelling Sunday morning coffee. I read the news on my tablet and play a Sudoku. I go to the bathroom, get washed and shaved. Put on my favorite after shave and say ‘Hi’ to the goodlooking guy in the mirror 😉
I get back to bedroom to get dressed. Like mentioned, no assistance today. It takes an hour all together but who cares, it’s a lazy Sunday morning.


Mother in law
In the kitchen I listen to the music of a radio station we recently discovered online, Sublime. Lazy Sunday morning music, funk-soul-jazz. Thinking about the meaning of Sublime I think about my mother in law. I know this sounds a bit awkward. Allow me to explain.

Sublime. Can a person be sublime? Google says: …. more figuratively, a somewhat old-fashioned verb meaning of the word sublime refers to elevating someone to move more venerable. This is getting close to why I think about Aggi today.

She received a royal award last week for working as a volunteer for more than 25 years in an institute for mental and physical disabled people called ‘Op de Bies’. She well deserved this ‘Lintje’ to the opinion of the people working at Op de Bies as well as the people who know her, which includes me. I am sincerely proud of her. She went to Op de Bies every week to help a person living there. Walk and talk with him even though he doesn’t understand her. He responds to her in his own way and Aggi just loves it. She doesn’t need a kind word or a tab on her shoulder each time she is there. She loves to take care of people at Op de Bies. She too helps out with festivities throughout the year like Bies Pop Festival and the annual BBQ,

And now the Mayor of Kerkrade stands in the garden of Aggi and Jan’s house. Because of Covid attendees are limited. Pascalle makes pictures and films the speech of the Mayor. Jan places the Royal Award on her dress. The head of Op de Bies’ department hands over the flowers.
Aggi initially didn’t want all the attention which is in line with her modesty. Now she enjoys the celebration to the fullest. The post cards, the flowers, all Facebook reactions to Pascalle’s post, even days after she receives mail of family and friends who saw article in the regional paper.

I finish this blog and continue to listen to Sublime radio on this lazy Sunday morning.

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